I Gather The Clan To Use Securus

I have to gather the clan when it is time to use Securus to talk to our grandfather who has been in jail for a crime he did not commit for a long time. Out family has exhausted every opportunity we have had to prove that someone else did the crime that he is in jail for, and we have been working with him for a long time so he knows what is going on.

I use Securus to talk to him because we had to make a change when the jails went to these secure systems. They were concerned about the security of the phone calls that were going into and out of the jail, and the lawyer I hired had the same concerns. We transitioned to Securus because it seemed like the best choice to me, and it was the one that our lawyer decided to use. Since I know that our lawyer has to be careful, I just went with what he picked.

I actually put the app from Securus on my phone because that was the way I was told to do it, and now I gather the whole clan to stand around the phone and talk to him. We still take trips to the jail, but they moved him to a federal prison that is really far away from home. We get around that by talking to him on the video calls from Securus.

I feel better knowing that Securus works because we can all gather as a family even if he is so far away. I have to say that I feel better knowing that our lawyer uses the same system, and maybe one day we will end this situation. Securus keeps us all connected because it combines security with a video call we all really needed.

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Wengie Period Hacks Video Recap

In her most recent video, YouTube beauty blogger Wengie addressed a new topic: periods. In this video she discusses ten period “hacks” for all of her female fans. The first hack in the video is placing a warm heating pad on your stomach for cramps. She shows how to make one at home using a tea towel and rice; she says to simply pop it in the microwave to heat it up and make it ready to use.

The second hack she describes is eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables during your period because it affects hormones. She suggests eating leafy greens and dark chocolate as well as calcium-rich foods. Wengie then shows how to remove blood stains using ice cold water and peroxide. Next she suggests buying underwear just for your period. She says they can be dark colors or just old pairs that you do not care if they get stained. In the next hack, she discusses how caffeine is bad to drink on your period because it can make cramps worse. Wengie says you should replace your morning coffee with tea or juice during that time of the month.

The fifth hack suggests stuffing a pad into your bra in the morning before you head off to school; this way, you can go to the bathroom to change without taking a bag and everyone knowing you are on your period. Another way to do this is to stick one pad on top of the other in your underwear. Wengie then suggests tracking your period on a calendar or app so you are not surprised by it. She also suggests taking a painkiller the day before your period is due to help reduce cramps. The next hack describes how to use a menstrual cup to save waste and money on pads or tampons.

Wengie’s next hack suggests sitting on the toilet while you dry yourself after a shower. This prevents any drips onto the bathroom floor. Her final period hack discusses what to do if you are stuck without a pad or tampon. One solution is using toilet paper. She also suggests napkins, hand towels, or even a sock to absorb the flow.


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Taking The Picture Of The Doll


Richard Prince evidently saw something special in Doe Deere. It could be the bright colors of her hair or the bold colors of the makeup that she wears. Prince works with the Gagosian Gallery and recently shared a screen shot of Doe Deere that she had posted on Instagram. She is seen in the image standing with a doll that looks similar to her. The doll has skin of the same complexion, hair of the same color and even has makeup that matches what Doe Deere would normally wear.

The man who made the doll for Doe is Joshua McKenney. She wanted to make sure others knew of his skills in making dolls. However, Prince somehow managed to change the information and deleted the name of the designer. He then had a small picture of the image printed and sold at the Frieze Art Fair in New York. The picture netted $90,000. This is what many in the online world would call theft as Prince didn’t have permission to take the picture or change any of the information that was presented.

McKenney didn’t become as angry as some people might, but he wants to make sure that others know that he is the designer of the doll and that he made the doll in the picture for Doe Deere. He wants to get his image in the public eye so that others know that his dolls are a form of art instead of a toy.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company with a few bright colors for everything ranging from fingernail polish to eye glitter. She moved to New York from Russia when she was younger and decided that she wanted to carry out her dream of owning a business. She started selling items on eBay before she founded Lime Crime.

The items made by Doe Deere meet Vegan standards and are safe for all skin types. She has developed Velvetines that stay on the lips while offering a beautiful matte look. Doe makes sure all products are made to her precise standards before they are sold. Her goal is for women and men to feel beautiful in their own skin while wearing the products that she creates.

Sanjay Shah And His Commitment Towards Autism Research

Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to obtain information and business advice recently hosted Sanjay Shah. The Solo Capital and Autism Rocks founder was interviewed by Eric Dye. They discussed a number of issues ranging from his motivation for starting Autism Rocks and his brokerage company, Solo Capital. His advice on creating and owning a thriving business was also discussed.

Sanjay Shah is a great humanitarian and a leading entrepreneur. He is recognized for launching Autism Rocks, a charity that is devoted to providing financial support to autism research. He established the charity organization after Nikhil, his son was diagnosed with the disorder. Sanjay Shah had successfully established Solo Capital before Autism Rocks. Solo Capital is a brokerage company that has headquarters in London.

Giving his opinion on how to control a successful venture, Sanjay Shah said that the most critical thing is to never underestimate the amount of capital needed to start a business. The other thing he noted is that, those starting businesses should work with others. Sanjay pointed out that the advice applies to any individual that wants to set up a business.

Autism Rocks has given him a chance to support autism research and create more awareness for the neurological disorder. Sanjay Shah has achieved that by combining his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for music and love for family. In April this year, he hosted the 2016 Autism Rocks fest that had several festivities that delighted families. It featured renowned artists including Flo Rida. Through Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah is assisting researchers to understand the neurological disorder more.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is a British entrepreneur that aims to raise money to fund autism research by hosting concerts worldwide via his charity Autism Rocks. He also owns Solo Capital markets. Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital Markets in 2011. Previously, Sanjay Shah was an investment banker. He worked in some of the premier investment banks that include Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Rabobank, Morgan Stanley and ING. He was left jobless in 2009 due to the financial woes at that time.

Sanjay Shah studied medicine in college before changing his career to become an accountant. He decided to create Autism Rocks when he realized a potential to raise money existed. Due to his good position, he was able to persuading colleagues and friends to make donations. Currently, he is more interested in discovering the cause of the disorder in addition to assisting families that have children with the neurological disorder.


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How Does The US Money Reserve Design Better Gold Coins?

The gold coins that are offered by US Money Reserve are brilliant for everyone who wants to invest, and the coins are a great choice for someone who does not want to do anything too complicated.

Everyone who invests has their own needs, but these same people only want to go so deep when they are investing. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

That is why they are using gold coins, and they can learn a lot from Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve. They were featured on EPNS Radio as a great investment tool, and the coins that are made by Philip Diehl come from a former director of the US Mint.

Philip Diehl does a lot with design at the US Money Reserve, and he wants to make sure that all people who want to invest can pick the design they like the most.

Most people who are going to use gold coins can keep them as a collection, and that is a collection that they can show off in different parts of the world at trade shows.

The coins can be sold or traded if there are designs that people like, but they are still growing in value just because gold is rising in price. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

There are a lot of people who will go with gold coins because they do not want to waste their time on the stock market, and these same people will actually want to keep those coins until it is time to sell. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos

Someone who wants to have a nest egg they can actually touch will use gold coins from the US Money Reserve, and they can be sure that the designs by Philip Diehl are the best in the world.

They are much better to look at, more sought after and rise in value faster over the years.

Strong Culture of Leadership at Hall Capital

Hall Capital is one of the largest and most profitable investment firms in the San Fransisco area with 24 billion dollars of net assets. Strong returns are key to any investment firms success, but Kathryn Hall, CEO, feels like it is the strong diversity and leadership culture that has helped her achieve the ultimate goal of any financial firm: helping her clients make money. The strong leadership team is made up of three powerful women: Kathryn Hall, Sarah Stein, and Helane Morrison. Hall believes it is the female leadership which has encouraged the culture at Hall Capital.

She said many times female workers feel isolated, because they are very few, if any women, working at the top level jobs. Women executives are attracted to come to Hall Capital because they feel more comfortable. The leadership team encourages their employees to be involved in outside community activities, because many times employees feel like the job should come first. Hall feels like workers will be more productive if their home lives are balanced, and this philosophy seems to be working.

Helane Morrison is the Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital. This company is completely run by women and is one of the most successful investment companies in California. This experienced compliance officer served as head of the San Fransisco Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999-2007. Her office handled securities enforcement and regulation issues for Northern California and five Northwest states. Morrison has also worked with Supreme Court Justices and in private practice to help build her legal skills.

Morrison came to Hall Capital because of their leadership culture. She came at a difficult time in 2007-2008 when investors didn’t trust the economy. However, she made it her goal to help regain their confidence and trust in the financial industry. Morrison has the reputation to achieve this goal, because she has fought tirelessly against companies and people who seek to take advantage of people due to their economic circumstances. Morrison’s experience in the SEC and working with Supreme Court Justices has helped shape her into the financial leader she is.