5 Acts Who Needs To Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an amazing exhibit of all the “Greats”. As of today, we are expecting to see Joan Jett and Green Day be added to this exhibit in the year 2015. Here are five bands or acts that Brad Reifler and the rest of us feel should be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1. The Pixies: This band is from the 1980s and they are an alternative band. This band still includes a few of the original members and has been an influence on our current rock scene.
2. Sonic Youth: This band is classified as Noise Rock. They have also helped sculpt the music scene.
3. Bjork: Ever since she was a pre-teen, Bjork has had a fair. Her first record was out and popular in the year 1977 and has since showed cutting edge style and amazing talent.
4. Whitney Houston: Yes, she had her problems, but she has been around for years. She is a legend. Whitney definitely deserves to be in the Hall.
5. Bad Brains: Bad Brains was one of the first to emerge with a punk genre and reggae combined. It is one of the bands that set forth differences in genres and have set a path for others.

Best R&B Albums Expands Past African American Artists

There was a time when R&B was an urban art form that was dominated by African American artists. This is not the case anymore. Big artists like Arianna Grande and Miley Cyrus have proved that they can sustain careers and produce R&B singles that will dominate R&B charts while expanding their audience to pop music lovers, possibly even BRL Trust as well. The new Rolling Stone list of the top R&B albums doesn’t list either of these artists this year, but staff picks highlight that white America is making and buying R&B music.

It is true that R&B and soul music has taken a move past African American artists. Sam Smith – who did not make the list – made a song stirring album this year. Adele rocked our world with stellar albums that had the soulful influences of Aretha Franklin in years past. In 2014, there is a new breed of music that made it to the R&B charts.

Banks is one artist that made the list even though she is not a big name on R&B radio. She was sort of an internet sensation that moved up a couple of notches when she released her “Banks” self-titled debut. Her sound is a dark groove that engulfs you with each listen. She is a white artist with an amazingly good R&B album on her hands. Jessie Ware -another white artist – also made the Rolling Stone list.

Company Creates 3D Printed Dress That Moves Like Fabric

Of all the cool and unique applications for 3D printing technology, the amount of people that believed clothes were on the list of possibilities was likely a pretty small sample. However, that thought process has been reversed thanks to a design studio named Nervous System and a serious amount of software and hardware. The company managed to produce a 3D printed dress that looks, moves, and flows like fabric with the help of breakthroughs in the manufacturing process.

My friend’s My Brain Fit Life Article describes how Nervous System had to re-engineer the software behind the 3D printing process. In addition, the company had to overhaul the actual printing machines to produce a wearable garment that looked real. With no shortage of major roadblocks standing in the way, the company managed to produce a dress that looks similar to something that could be seen on any red carpet. However, the price tag for the technologically produced dress is hovering at the $3,000 range, which puts it out of range for most potential buyers.

Of course, the real story is that the company has managed to do what many could not, and producing a computer created piece of clothing that resembles fabric even though it is not is a major step forward. As development picks up and production costs drop, the new type of clothes could start trickling into stores on the internet or even brick and mortar ones very soon with a pretty attractive price tag.

Behind The Lens of Terry Richardson

Tall, tattooed, and wielding nothing but a small snapshot camera that’s the butt of many jokes, Terry Richardson has proved time and time again that it is not the camera that makes the art, but the vision of the artist. Unlike the majority of fashion photographers, Terry works without entourage, plans, or cumbersome lenses, tripods, and reflectors. Yet despite opting out on sophistication and state-of-the-art lenses, Terry has shot campaigns for fashion moguls such as H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Gucci armed with nothing but a camera suited for children.

The 49 year old was born on August 14th, 1965. His father was the noted Bob Richardson, a famous fashion photographer who struggled with schizophrenia and drug abuse. Originally a native of New York City, Terry moved to Ojai, California with his mother, actress Norma Kessler, after his parents split up. At the time California was buzzing with new sounds and music, punk, rising up from the underground, was the king of the scene. Terry originally had ambitions of being a punk rock musician, and he spent four years playing bass guitar for He the punk rock band The Invisible Government. But in 1982, after Richardson’s mother gave him his first snapshot camera, his fate was settled. He used that very camera to document his life and the punk rock scene in Ojai. Not long after he moved back to New York, settling in the East Village. Snaps of New York City’s nightlife and the young and rich partying brought the budding photographer to his first real ‘gig’ with Vibe in 1994.

From there fame followed. His work was premièred at Paris’s International Festival de la Mode, further landing him an advertising campaign for fashion designer Katherine Hammnett. And the ball started rolling. He moved to London, where he worked for European fashion magazines such as The Face and Arena

Since then he’s worked for some of the most famous fashion brands and designers such as Marc jacobds, Sisley, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and the highly celebrated Gucci. His work has also appeared in magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vice.

Terry Richardson has certainly made his name in the fashion world. But his talent has not only filled magazines and solo exhibitions, snapped portraits of Barrack Obama and Lebron James, but it has also brought Terry to the music industry where he has directed music videos such as “Wrecking Ball” for Miley Cyrus, Beyonce’s single “XO”, “Do What U Want” by Lady Gaga, and recently Taylor’s “The Last Time”. In fact, Lady Gaga announced in 2012 Terry has been filming a documentary about her life, though the date of its premier has not been decided.

For all his fame and notoriety, Terry has also given back. For many years he has been involved with RxArt, a charity that donates art to children’s hospitals, and earlier this year in 2014, he participated in a charity egg sponsored by the House of Fabergé to benefit Studio in a School, an arts program that provides materials for under privileged classrooms.

You can also check out a lot of Terry’s day to day work on Tumblr.  But he’s also got plenty that you can find in his Amazon book.

Fans Petition For The Release Of Lil’ Wayne’s New Album

Fans Draw Up Petition. Lil’ Wayne is not the only one disappointed at the fact that his album will not be released on December 9, 2014. Many fans who heard that “The Carter V” album would not be released at its scheduled time, and may not be released anytime in the near future; decided to take action. Lil’ Wayne came on to Twitter a few days ago stating that his album was not going to be released this year, and that he was very upset with his label for blocking the album, for at least the fifth time.

After stating that the album would not be released this year, and that he had no idea when it’s release was scheduled, he also stated that he wanted to leave his record label. That was a bit puzzling when the news hit Skout members. Many of Lil’ Wayne’s fans have decided to put together a petition to plead with Cash Money Records to release The Carter V before the end of the year. At least 350 persons have already signed the petition, and many more signatures are being sought, in order to convince the label to change their mind.

The fans are looking to get at least 1000 signatures, and if you are interested in signing, you can go to www.Ipetitions.com, and join in the fight to have the album released. There has yet to be any statement from Cash Money Records as to why the album has been postponed so many times.