College Savings Bank Of New Jersey Changes Hands

Recently, the College Savings Bank of New Jersey (CSB) changed hands. Although it is unknown if the bank’s name or purpose will change over time, CSB will keep their name for the time being and continue to focus on the same agenda that CSB has operated since its inception in 1987.

College Savings Bank was started in Princeton, New Jersey as an institution that supports college savings and has been the program manager for the Indiana savings 529 College Choice CD and the State of Arizona’s College Savings Plan. Details of the deal were not disclosed in the press release at this time. President and CEO of NexBank, John Holt, stated that at this time CSB will keep all of it’s original branding and operations intact. CSB is being touted, by NexBank, as an extended branch of their organization.

NexBank is based in the Dallas, Texas, area and has a charter dating back to 1922. NexBank serves the country with three distinct branches of banking:

Commercial Banking- Focusing on Commercial and Real Estate lending, lines of business credit, Treasury management, and NexBank agency services.

Mortgage Banking- With three different types of mortgage lending to accommodate client’s personal and business needs.

Investment Banking- NexBank is fully equipped to manage client’s personal and business investment services such as: mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization and restructuring, corporate finance, real estate, and industry coverage.

With this recent acquisition, NexBank is able to offer more diversified services to clients across the country.

Appreciating The Effort And Achievements Of Don Ressler In Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is a professional whose career as an entrepreneur has motivated many young professionals to embrace business. He is responsible for the formation of different startups that he nurtured to become established businesses. One of the ventures he launched that has been in the industry for more than one decade is, a company that offers fitness products in different categories.

The company served as a motivator to him because a short period after its establishment he was able to make profits. Don Ressler wanted to raise capital to pursue other projects that would probably help in the construction of his dream to become a successful entrepreneur.

He finally settled for selling in 2001, and the company was bought by Intermix Media. The COO of Intermix Media then, Adam Goldenberg, shared his passion and vision in entrepreneurship with Don Ressler and the two seemed to hold similar views. Therefore, they decided to work together to launch businesses in the online space.

Adam and Ressler started their partnership with the launch of Alena Media, a company that provided marketing services to businesses. The performance the company was impressive towards the first two years after establishment and they realized their strength in marketing and management. Three years later, the company was earning revenue to the tune of millions and the founders through it would be perfect to move to bigger ideas that would allow them to manage companies that can grow to serve the international market.

In 2005, the company was acquired by News Corp and the transaction provided sufficient capital that empowered Don Ressler and Adam to pursue their next plan in business. They spent several days brainstorming and came up with an idea to start an online retail that would deal with beauty products. In 2008, Intelligent Beauty was established and the company has since developed and opened more wings and product lines. It is among profitable ventures the two entrepreneurs founded.

About JustFab

Launched in 2010, JustFab, renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group, is a company that operates an online fashion retail that offers members the privilege to subscribe to different services. The monthly subscription service costs $29.95 and allows members to customize their preferences, so with this information the company will be sending deals to members whenever something new that matches their preferences is added. JustFab is the biggest business Adam and Don Ressler started and they are working on expanding its infrastructure to cover bigger markets like Africa.

Draw My Life with Wengie

Beauty and fashion blogger Wengie opens up with a Draw My Life video. With over four million subscribers on YouTube, Wengie shares health and beauty tips. In her Draw My Life we see that she comes from humble beginnings.



Some highlights from the video:



Wengie loved watching robot anime and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up. When she was in middle school, she was really shy. During parent/teacher conferences, her teach told her dad to have her socialize and meet new kids.



She sprinkles moments of nostalgia throughout the video including Voltron, the Backstreet Boys, and GeoCities.



A heartbreaking moment she described was when Wengie was reunited with her parents in Australia. Raised by her grandparents until age four, she didn’t recognize her parents at the airport. Looking back, she describes growing up poor but tries to keep the tone more light-hearted. She describes her DIY toys including a princess doll made from a tennis ball and jar.



When applying for college, she wanted to either be a fashion or graphics designer. To help her family out, she ended up in accounting and secured a scholarship.



After college, she started working as an accountant. She stayed for four years before she resigned to pursue other avenues where she could use her creativity. This was a turning point for her life. Up to this point her decisions had been to help others and this was the first decision made for her.



By luck or talent, she found a position as a social media consultant during a time where social media was just taking off. IT was here that she started her health and beauty blog as a creative outlet for her interests. She cites her fans as being a source of encouragement to keep blogging and posting videos while still working full time as a consultant. You can watch the video on YouTube by licking the link below:

Dr. Jennifer Walden Wants Every Patient To Feel Raidant

Dr. Jennifer Walden wants to make all her patients feel radiant because she knows that that is the best feeling that a woman can have. There are several things that a woman can do to make her body look amazing, but she has to have the work professionally one by Jennifer Walden and her staff. The office is a nice place to be that people will enjoy immensely. The office is filled with soft colors that will invite anyone to sit down for a spell, and the patient will have the most helpful consultation with the doctor.


Dr. Jennifer Walden wants all her patients to sit through a consultation where she will help the patient see what will happen when she does her work. She can help women get very complicated surgeries, and she also wants to show her patients what it will look like when she is done. She has moved out to Austin because that is where her family lives, and she wants to show that she has a softer edge that some of the other competitive surgeons in the world. She has been noted many times over in the media, and she has become so famous that she can help every woman who comes to her office immediately.


The best thing that can be done for the patient is to come to see Dr. Jennifer Walden knowing that they have specific needs for their body. They let her know what needs to be done to make their body perfect, and she will help them uncover the inner diva that she believes every woman should find. It is a lot easier for women to be sure that they look great, and they all want to be sure that they can show off that new body as soon as they recover.

Mike Baur’s Swiss Achievements

Mike Baur has always had a home in the Fribourg region of Switzerland. It is a place he maintains a strong connection to. It was where he first discovered his passion for banking and finance. His fascination started when he was just a teenager. Since that day, that passion has been driving him to pursue his childhood dream. So when he got older and realized that he would be able to work in the profession he had such a passion for, it was like a dream come true.

Over his 20-plus years in the Swiss Private Banking industry, Mike has accomplished success and gain much sought after experience in his life. He started out working as a commercial apprentice at UBS. He eventually worked his way up to being an executive board member of one of the largest Swiss private banks. By the time he was 39, he began to get more interested helping the entrepreneurial youths of Switzerland. Together with two other partners, he founded the Swiss Start Up Factory. His new company has become the number one independent and privately financed ICT Start Up Accelerator in the country. He uses his company to lead and support various startups both as a mentor and financial funder. Not only is his 20 years of experience invaluable, he also holds an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

As for his company, Swiss Start Up Factory, it was founded in 2014. It is a Zurich-based accelerator company, meaning it supports its clients’ best interests. The company specializes in helping those who are thriving digital entrepreneurs. Its services offer many in-depth and exciting opportunities as soon as their clients begin the process. The members of the company’s teams use their strong Swiss and global networks to provide their clients with the best support achievable.

More recently, SSUF (Swiss Start Up Factory) has been collaborating with Michael Hartweg. Their hope is that this partnership will excel the company is an even more successful direction. Michael would like to see more selections in the startups that Swiss Start Up Factory spins off. Michael is one of the mentors that will be a part of this new team. The core purpose of this group is to better support and evaluate the investments and network supports startups are receiving.


InnovaCare Health Makes Changes to Payment Models

For anyone who has kept up with the news, the US healthcare system has undergone major changes in recent years. Insurance providers are no longer able to deny someone coverage based on pre-existing conditions. The advent of healthcare marketplaces has changed the way people purchase health insurance. Children can stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until 26. Leading the healthcare revolution is InnovaCare Health. This organization is a leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. InnovaCare Health recently announced it would partner with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. This is a significant private-public partnership that seeks to change compensation models to reflect the quality of care instead of quantity. This new partnership reflects InnovaCare Health’s to affect change in compensation sooner rather than later. The current healthcare model focuses on reimbursing physicians based on the number of patients seen or procedures performed. This encourages “treadmill medicine,” or a model that focuses on rapid turnover on This can often lead to detrimental effects on patient health. The new quality model would reward physicians based on practice targets. Potential goals include HbA1c goals for patients with diabetes, the percentage of patients who smoke, and hospital stay after surgical procedures.

The leaders of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, have been essential in the partnership with the Learning Action Network. Under the guidance of these individuals, InnovaCare Health has risen to a leadership role in the health insurance community. The leadership team has pushed hard for America’s seniors to invest in Medicare Advantage plans according to Penelope Kokkinides. These plans cover several large holes in typical Medicare coverage. InnovaCare Health has also advocated for the care of seniors with hospitals, physicians, and government.

InnovaCare Health provides essential healthcare services across the country. This includes Puerto Rico. They serve over 200,000 individuals and endorse a network of over 7,500 physicians and healthcare providers. Furthermore, InnovaCare Health is a unique company because they endorse two Medicaid plans within Puerto Rico. Medicaid is an essential safety net for people who cannot afford health insurance through an employer. Furthermore, Medicaid provides insurance for pregnant women and single mothers. InnovaCare Health also offers Puerto Rico’s only NCQA-accredited healthcare plan. InnovaCare Health has demonstrated an impressive commitment to providing people with the highest quality care available. InnovaCare Health has worked hard to create sustainable healthcare plans that include the latest technology at a reasonable price on InnovaCare Health is an example of health insurance companies working for positive change.

Studying Kabbalah In A Group With Help From Kabbalah Centre

Studying can be a solitary activity. People often study by themselves in order to gain new insights about a given topic. While studying alone can be useful, many people find it even more helpful to study in a group. Group study can offer the learner many benefits. When people study a subject such as Kabbalah with others, it becomes even easier to learn and master the material. Studying Kabbalah with those who are just as happy to study it can also help the learner feel happy about their choice to study and their ability to connect with the material in front of them. Studying in large groups also helps people concentrate more fully on the material they are reading.
Learning In A Group

Group learning at the Kabbalah Centre has many benefits. Those who come here to learn together come together with a singular purpose that enables them to interact with others who also share that purpose. Studying in large groups can also help offer people better. One person studying may have specific insights into the world of the Kabbalah that others may not have. Their willingness to share their insights can offer the learner even more information than they might get simply by reading it on their own or with others in a smaller group.

Happy Learners

Those who study together in groups also come away with the realization that they been able to tap into the minds of other people as their own. Someone who has been studying Kabbalah for a long time can help lead the group into a new understanding of a given text that can also illuminate other texts that the learners are reading. This can benefit all members in the group including those who have never studied it before. Even advanced learners can benefit from group study as a novice might bring in a different point of view that shows off the material in a way they might not have considered previously. This kind of group dynamic helps all those who are participating in the study learn in a more effective and satisfying way.

Read The Kabbalah Centre In WIKI :


Maintaining A Relationship With The Audience

Running a business and building a good online reputation is a social activity. Therefore, it is important that the business owner who is faced with a scandal keeps in touch with his audience. One thing that he does not want to happen is that all of the relationships that he built dissipate because of the crisis that he is faced with. One thing that according to Online Reputation Reviews is bad for business is burning bridges. It is important to know that even the worst businesses has a loyal customer. Therefore, it is important to continue reaching that loyal customer so that he could build off of that.
One thing that is very important is that not everyone is going to believe the rumors. One of the best ways to build a good relationship with people is by building a really good brand. When people love a brand, then the business is going to be strong enough to survive plenty of set backs. Therefore, it is important to reach out to any fans. When one keeps in touch with his fans, then he will be able get his fans to do some of the fighting with him. Plus the business owner will get some of the support that he needs in order to push forward.

When one deepens connections, he will come across people that will want to defend him. All he needs to do is express appreciation and show that he cares about them. The more a person loves, the more loved he is going to be. It is also important for the online business owner to not panic. One important fact is that no business is going to be well liked by every single person on the planet. Therefore, the business owner has to appreciate the people in his life so that he may gain more.


Avi Weisfogel is working with Dental Sleep Matters to change Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is an incredibly destructive disorder. The disorder robs you have quality sleep and takes valuable oxygen from your body. People around the world are suffering from this disorder. Over the last ten years, medical professionals have discovered just how serious Sleep Apnea can be. Links have been found between Sleep Apnea and stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. These links show just how serious the disease can be, and researchers around the world are putting maximum effort into their research. Doctors know that we need quality treatments for Sleep Apnea to save lives.

The search for a cure involves many different angles. Surgeons and medical professionals are prescribing treatments that can make life easier for people with Sleep Apnea. Unfortunately, these treatments only go so far and many medical professionals struggle to properly diagnose people with Sleep Apnea. Thousands of people go undiagnosed every year. To properly diagnose people with sleep apnea every medical professional in the industry must get involved.

Avi Weisfogel is an incredibly talented dentist. He has served his dental patients for many years and he always manages to fully satisfy his customers. Avi recently discovered the dangers of Sleep Apnea and has committed himself to helping cure the disease.

Avi Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Matters several years ago. Dental Sleep Matters focuses on diagnosing dental patients with Sleep Apnea and developing dental treatments for the disorder. Dental Sleep Matters has developed a new way for medical professionals to communicate with one another about their patients’ needs. By communicating properly patients are treated faster and more effectively.

Dental Sleep Matters is also working with companies around the country to start developing alternative treatments for Sleep Apnea. Many people do not react positively to current treatment methods, but the alternate treatments are showing positive results for many patients. Avi Weisfogel believes there may even be a dental treatment for this dangerous disorder.

Avi Weisfogel is an amazing dentist who cares deeply about his patients. He hopes to change the way dentists view dental care and provide his patients with the top quality Sleep Apnea care. He plans to keep working with Dental Sleep Matters for years to come.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is One The Best In Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, and she has done a lot to help people who want to make their bodies look perfect. She talks to women about their inner diva, and she wants all women to find their inner diva when they come to her office. Dr. Jennifer Walden will walk every woman through the process of picking out a look that they want, and she can do any surgery that a woman needs. Women have so many options, and they need to come in and talk to Dr. Jennifer as soon as they can.

Dr. Walden is very high on using technology, and she wants to show all her patients what they will look like when they are done with all their procedures. She has a lot of work to do for every woman, and she also wants to make sure that women are going to see what will happen when she has helped them be sure that they have found their inner diva. The inner diva is a lot easier to find because she can show the exact results she produces when she goes into surgery.

The surgeries and other procedures that are offered by Dr. Walden are very important because they all appeal to someone who needs to change their body. Bodies will become completely different when they are worked on by Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she is a very good person to speak to when a woman does not know what they need. It is very simple for a woman to change her body, but she has to ask Dr. Walden how she can help them. It is a much simpler way for a woman to change her appearance when she chooses the doctor that can offer her better plastic surgery.